Friday, March 14, 2014

Kim, the Cheerleader

Vincent Festa, Lucy Fitz Gibbon, and Laura Soto-Bayomi in Turn of the Screw
If you knew me in high school, you'd know that the last thing I would likely be, or want to be, was a cheerleader.  I was the nerdy, honors type who only went to homecoming for the cotton candy.

But this week, I've willingly taken on the role of cheerleader for my fellow singers in Bard College's Vocal Arts Program production of Payne Hollow and Turn of the Screw.  Since I'm on medical leave, I was planning on coming up for the performances this weekend.  But, then I realized that it would be beneficial to everyone, myself included, if I came up for tech week.  So I've spent this entire week with my lovely and talented colleagues, watching as they create great art.  They've welcomed me with open arms, allowing me to contribute wherever I can.  I've pinned lots of costumes and taken tons of notes.

Helen Huang, Angela Aida Carducci, and Sara Lemesh in Payne Hollow

As you can probably guess, I was suffering from a bit of opera withdrawal.  If you're used to hearing it every day and being in rehearsal all the time, the sudden cessation of this can be a bit jarring.  So, it was definitely therapeutic to be in rehearsal again.

One of the best parts of being in dress rehearsals, besides watching my colleagues create and learn and explore, was taking photographs of their work (the pictures in this post are mine and the rest can be found here).  There's something so fulfilling about capturing the beauty of what's happening in any given moment.  The director, Nic Muni, has truly created two strong and moving pieces of art.  I'm the lucky one, sitting out in the audience and soaking it all in.

Kameryn Lueng, Helen Huang, Katherine Maysek, and Sarah Tuttle in Turn of the Screw
Opening night has finally arrived and I'm so excited to see the fruits of their labor.  It should be thrilling!  Toi toi toi and much love to all the performers.

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