Thursday, April 18, 2013

Journey to Cambridge: Bringing Music to Boston the Day After

Tuesday, I performed in the First Songs concert with Dawn Upshaw and my fellow Bard Vocal Arts Program singers at the Edward M. Pickman Concert Hall in Boston.  That (beautiful!) concert hall is part of the Longy School of Music in Cambridge.

The Boston performance of the First Songs concert, which premiered in New York City (I mention it here) and featured world premiere works, seemed doomed from the start.  We had to cancel our first engagement back in February because of a snow storm and after the horrific events on Monday, I thought that the concert would be cancelled once more.

But we all got on the bus and traveled to Boston early in the morning.  Dawn explained that Boston needed this music now more than ever.

Cambridge was beautiful and vibrant.  I got to walk on Harvard's campus (a nerdy dream of mine!) and have some amazing ginger tea.  I spent time with some old friends and some new ones.  I had the privilege of meeting fellow OperaRox member Sasha, which was an overall delight.

The concert went so smoothly.  I don't think my quartet has ever been so attuned to one another as we were that night.  I loved every minute of that experience.  The composer was in the audience and she was overjoyed by our performance.  The smile on her face made me light up with happiness.  A few other composers, including the illustrious John Harbison, were also in the audience.  This made me feel that this concert was really special.

After the concert, the Dean and the President approached me and personally thanked me for making the trip to Boston to share my music with them.  The gratitude was evident in everyone from the area.  I was glad that I could contribute, in some small way, to the healing that must happen in that place.

My heart goes out to the resilient people of Boston.  I wish all the comfort and peace in the world for the people of that great town and for all those who were affected by the tragedy.  I'm just glad that there are beautiful things in the world to compensate for all the bad.  May we all strive to create these beautiful things every day, in our own way, for all the people in our lives.

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