Monday, July 23, 2012

Opera Teens Taking Over the World

I'm very excited to announce that my liveshow viewer and blogger buddy, OperaTeen, has been picked up by the Huffington Post!  You can view his debut article about Classical music apps here.

It's so thrilling to see the opera world recognizing the young people who are interested in opera.  Everyone always thinks that opera is some stogy, old art form that can only be appreciated by the elderly and sophisticated.  I have been working very hard to prove that this is not true.  That is why my other blog is named OperaRox and its motto is: contrary to popular belief, opera can be cool.  OperaTeen's succession to contributor in the HP is just more proof of this!

I went to the public library today and my friend the librarian informed me that the library was selling opera VHS tapes.  An older man, probably between 80 and 90 (bless his heart), perked up his ears and asked the librarian where he could see the videos that were for sale.  So, I darted to the video section and ended up rifling through tapes at the same time as the old man.  If a stranger had been watching, who would they have guessed would be more excited about opera tapes - the elderly man or me?  Well, I can tell you that I'm very happy because I walked home with Tannhauser, Le Nozze di Figaro, and Tosca (all fantastic recordings) and it only cost me a dollar.  That is highway robbery in my mind.

But here's my point: opera companies are always trying to find ways to "attract young people" but young people are already excited about opera.  I host opera liveshows every week and people of all ages come and fangirl about opera.  I'm finding more and more people my age on Twitter and Tumblr who not only care deeply about opera, but are very knowledgeable about it.  When I went to opera camp, I met so many young people who geeked out over opera the same way that I do.  OperaTeen is just another one of us and I'm so proud that he's bringing our voice, the voice of the young opera lovers, into the mainstream opera community.


Rachel said...

Bravo! :D

howlingvenus said...

I am all about this. We young 'uns also have a deep, weird, awesome love of opera and I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants nothing more than to live onstage.