Thursday, July 14, 2011

30 Miles to Civilization

Hello from sunny Nowhere!

I'm kidding. Kind of.

It's been fun creating Eugene Onegin out here in the middle of nowhere. Here we are, a band of singers, learning to live in a place where there isn't much to do. Most of us are from Manhattan or some other city, so it's been a bit of culture shock getting used to driving 30 miles to get anywhere.

And, yet, it's such great character research. The characters in Eugene Onegin have to stave off boredom and the mundane lifestyle of the country. In this way, every little social interaction becomes a really huge deal. Hence the tragedy of Eugene Onegin. Like I keep saying: this all could have been avoided if Eugene had just put a ring on it the first time around! (lol)

All kidding aside, I'm having a great time here at DVO learning and studying and just bonding with other singers. I'm basically the youngest in the cast, so there are so many people to learn from! I've definitely grown as a performer throughout this experience already, having been confronted with all new challenges. It's such a leap to go from school to this, but I couldn't love it more. I've been given the opportunity to be part of a professional production and it has taught me a lot about how to handle the ropes out here in "the real world," among other things.

One of the best parts of being out here in the country (besides being able to hear myself think!) is the absolutely gorgeous house where I'm allowed to stay. It is absolutely charming and I am so grateful for it. There's nothing like going back after a long day of rehearsals and being able to just relax in a comfortable, beautiful home. I'm sharing it with a Tatiana and an Onegin and we've been having so much fun together.

There is something special about being part of a cast: for a little while, they become like your adopted family. This sense of belonging, and of working to create something together, is one of the most satisfying elements of this art form. And when you hit it just right, it can be magic. :)