Monday, February 7, 2011

What's With All The Preparing? Just Go!

It's hallway time -- that place between the closing door and the opening one.

Closing door: Don Giovanni

I got my first review! Sure, it's only in my school newspaper, but my name was mentioned and in the printed article there was a picture of me holding a gun to Don Giovanni's head so I'm more than happy to share it with the world. Naturally, my favorite line from the review is: "The three female leads Pecce, Feltkamp, and Fabian had voices so powerfully moving that they made the show." :)

Don Giovanni: The Man, The Myth, The Sex Addict (not my colorful title, but the author's)

Opening door: Grad school auditions

I'm less than a week away from my first audition! I'm very excited and a bit nervous, but I know that I'm ready. Or, at least, as ready as I'll ever be. I did some last minute shopping yesterday to spruce up my audition attire, so I feel that my preparations are officially complete. I'm grateful that this first audition is so much earlier than the others because it gives me a chance to learn from this first experience and have time to implement some improvements before my next set of auditions at the end of the month.

Things just keep zooming along and I have to do everything I can just to hang on.

Oh! And I'd love to extend my congratulations to the lovely Cecilia Bartoli on her (long-awaited) marriage to the talented Oliver Widmer! I wish them all the happiness in the world.

I'm always so happy to hear about people in the opera world getting married. I'm not sure that it happens often enough, but when it does happen, it always brings a little bit of sunshine into my day.

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Erin said...

Hey, if you don't mind me asking, where are you auditioning.

Sounds like things have been so exciting for you lately!