Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pants or Skirts?

If I project my schedule into May, I will have done no pants roles for 10 months. NO pants roles. 10 months. I never thought those two ideas would occur in the same sentence.

Skirt roles can be fun and interesting and challenging and complex. Donna Elvira was nothing short of a challenge (in every sense of the word) and now I'm confronted with another challenging role: Carmen. I'm also happy to play a romantic lead (Hermia) even though I'm a bit miscast since she's supposed to be short (haha).

It's just a bit jarring to go from all those pants roles to absolutely none. I never realized how freeing playing a pants role can be. When I was playing Orlofsky, I showed up to rehearsal every day in jeans and sneakers and lounged around all day. When I played Elvira, I had to wear a pencil skirt, high heels, and a 1950s style corset every day. As Orlofsky, I could basically do whatever I wanted but as Elvira, I had to hold myself to her exacting standards. I mean, those are the difference between those two roles specifically, but I think, in general, as a pants role you can run around and have fun but as a skirts role, you have to be on your toes and walking on eggshells, just as most women do every day.

So it's just another change that's happening right now. I'm sure I'll be playing pants roles again soon enough. I mean, who knows what I'll be doing in a few months? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I'd love to share one of my favorite new videos, courtesy of the lovely Joyce Didonato. And if you asked me, I'd pick pants any day. ;)

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