Thursday, September 23, 2010

College Essays, aka Deja Vu

After I finished my final essay for undergraduate admission, I assumed (somewhat naively) that I'd never have to write another college essay again. So you might understand why I was taken a bit off guard when I started my grad school applications and found that I had to write more essays.

Why is it that they always ask the hard questions? Something like "What value do you believe your art form has for society?" is something that could take me weeks to answer properly. There is so much to be said! Too bad there's a 1-2 page limit!

All I can say is, I'm glad I started early because this is going to take me a while. How can I possibly smash all my feelings and opinions on these huge, important subjects into 500-word packages? I suppose now is the time to discover the definition of "concise." These essays are going to take some soul-searching and word-wrangling, but, as always, I'm excited for the challenge.

Bring it on, college essays! Do your worst.

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Tyler said...


As something of a loquacious individual myself, I completely sympathetically side with you concerning the limits that have been imposed upon you for such a subject that is so broad as the one you have described. I am also pleased to see that there are people among society who share my love of wholly devoting themselves to a subject.