Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recital < 102 Hours

Less than 102 hours to go before my Junior Recital and I am (for lack of a better word) pumped. Every day I get more excited about it. I can't wait for it to be Saturday! Granted, I have so much work to do before then, but still!

I've been looking forward to my recital since I first heard about it freshman year. That seems so long ago. It always amazes me how time works. "Die Zeit, die ist ein sonderbar' Ding..."

The thing that I'm most excited about is the performance itself. I've spent so much time with this music by myself, in the practice room, and I cannot wait to throw it out into the world. I love this music so much and I've found so much joy in singing it; I just want to share that with others so they can find that joy, too.

For me, performance is such a phenomenon. The music can live in the practice room, but it takes on a whole new existence in the concert hall. There's something inherently incredible about the energy that's created between the music, the performers, and the audience. Not only do I love collaborating with an accompanist and other musicians, but I also love the addition of audience participation. It is in those moments that the music comes completely and indescribably alive.

So many performers have tried to explain this experience, but I'm not sure that words are ever going to be articulate enough to be useful. Words or no words, I'm looking forward to it with all my heart. I cannot wait for that music to be born in that little theatre, shared with the people I love most.

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Alyssa said...

I was just thinking about you! I'm so glad to hear you're coming to your big moment! I'm about to graduate from school, myself! EEEEP!

Break a leg! (Or the opera equivalent.) You'll be great.