Wednesday, March 17, 2010


One of the reasons I love being a cellist is that I get great opportunities like being a member of the McCarthy Philharmonic. Mitchell McCarthy is a senior Composition major at my school and he's put together a 50+ piece symphony orchestra to play his works.

I get such a thrill from playing in an orchestral setting, but there is nothing like playing music that could have been written the night before. It's such an amazing feeling to play the music and think, "This is the first time that this music is coming to life."

And of course it's really great to have the composer conducting and coaching you. I have been given the opportunity to get inside Mitch's head and understand why he composed the things he did. His music is so inspiring and I absolutely adore it. It speaks right to my soul and I can't think of a better way to experience the music fully than to be a part of its realization.

I guess the bottom line is that music is amazing and it moves me and I love to be a part of it in as many ways as possible.


Smorg said...

How cool is that indeed! :oD Do you guys give public performances?

Mitchell said...

I guess that could be kinda cool..


Although, your link is totally broken.
5 days.........