Sunday, January 24, 2010


My character's name has been butchered ever since I was first cast. First it was Orlovsky, then it was Orlafsky, and then there's the infamous Offlofsky. It's just like my real name: no one can seem to get my last name right. I've seen some pretty awful/interesting/entertaining things over the years.

But today was the first full-tech run-through. I'm still amazed by how so many tiny details somehow work together to make this great show. There are so many people who are responsible for the simplest things, but if one of those fails to happen, the whole show goes down the tubes. It's almost like every successful performance is a little miracle. I'm so grateful for the crew who do all the things that really make the show work. I can put so much work in, but it can all fail if the crew people aren't their amazing selves. So YAY FOR CREW!

I was so WIRED today. It must have been the costume and the lights and the smoke machine and everything. My character was just so PRESENT and I was amped and I expending all my energy during those hours. I was completely exhausted after my run-through. I fell asleep on a pile of furs during Act III and one of the choristers braided my hair. I said that Orlofsky would protest and they said, "Not if Adele did it." Touche.

This has been such a great experience. I'm really excited for the week to come, but I'm also a little sad because I don't want it to end. But I won't think of that now. Here's to Fledermaus!

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