Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Zitti, zitti, piano, piano!

The opening of Il Barbiere at the Met last Saturday was a real treat. Even though it is THE MET, every performance is not perfect (my college buddies are still grumbling about the Fri night Aida) but this one came real close. Every singer was dead-on and the orchestra was so clean. It was just lovely.

I really loved hearing Joyce Didonato sing live. There's definitely something "lost in translation" when you hear her recordings. There's this special dimension to her voice that I've never heard before until I heard her live on Saturday. She didn't let anyone down (by any means!) with her performance.

There was one moment when I gasped because Bartolo and Almaviva were fighting over her (as they do throughout the entire opera) and she fell over. All I could think was "OH NO! She's still recuperating from her broken leg!" But she bounced right back up like nothing had happened. If you didn't know that she was recovering, you never would have known. She whipped around that stage like it was nobody's business. Actually, I think her Rosina was more active than in the simulcast from the 07-08 season.

In short, the performance was immensely enjoyable from start to finish. What a great way for me to kick off this season!

Less than a week until Rosenkavalier!!! I CANNOT WAIT!

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Tyler said...


I am so happy for you that you were able to experience this performance, which sounds as if it were truly memorable. If you are interested, you can download a Barbiere performance from the Met's '07-'08 season on RapidShare; simply paste this link into your web browser: http://rapidshare.com/files/175527777/Rossini-BarbiereDiSiviglia-Met-24-Mar-2007.zip

The cast of this one is DiDonato as Rosina Juan Diego Florez as Count Almaviva, Peter Mattei as Figaro, and John Del Carlo as Doctor Bartolo. If you also enjoy the performances of Elina Garanca, two of her performances of Rosina at the Met from last season are available for download as well courtesy of the site http://www.opera-collection.net/uploadsmet20082009.htm . When you have time, click the "Title Page" link and explore the other broadcast recordings that are available. You can even download the Met's stream of Mozart's "Le Nozze di Figaro" from October 5, 2009, which was last evening, with Danielle De Niese as Susanna.

May God continue to bless you, and thank you for your relation of the events of the performance.