Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Der Rosenkavalier Strikes Again

First things first: SUSAN GRAHAM BOWED LAST!

Ok, now, let me say that the Met's Rosenkavalier last night was divine. The last notes were absolutely heavenly. Overall, the singing was fantastic (I even liked the Faninal!).

Honestly, Susan Graham stood out from all the amazingness. She spun gorgeous, gorgeous lines of nuanced gloriousness that just took my breath away. She was funny and always a treat to watch onstage. I love her Octavian to pieces.

The production was so TRADITIONAL. I was almost in shock from of its traditional-ness. I liked it most of the time. I wasn't as moved by the drama as I usually am. I think there was a bit of stiffness in the joints but overall, the music more than made up for it.

But, Susan incredible. She brought the house down for sure and I'm so glad that they gave her last bow because she totally deserved it.

The fact that the Marschallin usually gets the last bow is a major pet-peeve of mine. I mean, she's not there for all of Act II and half of Act III and the opera is named Der Rosenkavalier. Why does the mezzo always get the short end of the stick? Finally, Octavian bowed last and it couldn't have been a better mezzo to do the job.

I am happy. I am tired and over-worked and happy.

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Tyler said...


If one is of the opinion that there are similarities between Strauss's operas, one might say that "Capriccio" sort of made up for "Der Rosenkavalier's" lack of the Marschallin's appearance. If I may be so bold, the characters do sort of mirror each other except for the case of Octavian, which is why the two operas still retain their differences; otherwise, it might be the same characters put into different stories. I read in "Opera News" that Strauss admitted that he still composed without inspiration, and, as the author of that article ventured, one wonders whether or not he was in such a state when he removed the Marschallin from most of the opera. It almost seems that the only unifying element of the opera is indeed Octavian, so I think Susan Graham rightfully deserved the last bow.

I am glad that you were able to see this wonderful production, and I hope you are able to see many more during the remainder of the season. I have a neighbor who gets XM radio in her car, and she took my mother, sister and me to a local department store on the opening night of "Der Rosenkavalier," so I naturally asked her to tune into the broadcast, but we were reduced to listening to kids' songs instead of hearing the gorgeous performance you were able to see. I do not bear her a grudge, but I did not think that was very nice considering her alternative. It sounds from your description that I was in the right.