Wednesday, September 2, 2009


First day of school! Last night my sister asked me what I was going to wear and I'm like, "As if I've actually thought about this already...I'll figure it out in the morning." I guess by the time you're a junior in college, you get over the "first day of school outfit" hype. That, or I'm just a mezzo loser. Probably the latter.

I've already assisted many a wandering freshman and watched the professors/administrators/other-important-people walk to Convocation in their Harry Potter robes and hoods. They had bagpipes playing at the head of the procession! I didn't remember that from last year's convocation. I wonder who sang the National Anthem. You think I'd be up on this sort of stuff...

My first class was sufficiently bogus. It's a "real life math" class (aka "Kim needs a math class and this one isn't Calculus") and I'm sitting in class wondering if the person who created this class was serious or purposely creating something ridiculous. I guess I'll never know. My professor takes it pretty seriously.

Today I still have German and Form & Analysis, my two hardest classes. I'm a bit nervous (especially for German) but I'm sure everything will go well. I have a much easier day tomorrow.

And just to prove that I can do something besides sing and rant about opera, here's the first poem in a set that I'm writing called Songs of Orfeo. Let me know what you think.


Sunlit sky calls to you:
“Come to me! You are mine!”
Your soul – a gathering of feathered light—
stretches to the heavens.

Can your soul escape its prison,
this slight form of flesh
(this one called Euridice),
to return home?

If the light-crafted soul escapes,
what will become of you,
my own—my Euridice?

Will you melt into the earth, into darkness,
never again to see the sun?
Never again to wake with me in the light?

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