Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vienna Waits For You

How do I even start?

There are no words to describe Vienna. It's everything I could have dreamed it to be and more. It really is the musical capital of the world. You can feel the love and respect for music in the air. All the great composers are like rock-stars there. (As it should be!) Everywhere you turn, there's mention of Mozart or Beethoven or Haydn or Mahler. It was just fantastic.

And the buildings. They blew me away. The Stephansdom was even more massive and gorgeous than I thought it would be. The Hofburg Palace was unlike anything I'd ever seen before -- unthinkably huge and covered (floors, walls, and ceilings) in marble. They had Mozart's Domgasse apartment intact and the view from the window was almost exactly what Mozart saw. As you stood in the room, you could almost hear the ruckus of his household.

And the food! The coffee was out of this world. The Sachertorte was divine and the spätzel was definitely worth hunting down.

It was just win-win-win. The pictures and stories can never do the place justice. Vienna made every moment of annoyance on this trip worth it. I only wish I could have stayed there longer. It is definitely a place that I'll look forward to going back to.

I'm still uploading the pictures (there are A LOT of them) and I'm too tired to tell stories right now. That will have to wait.

Tomorrow is school again and dress up time at night -- we're going to try to get into the Salzburg Festival. Should be fun if nothing else. ;)

Here's to Mozart - the greatest Austrian composer ever!

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