Friday, August 14, 2009

Ah, the Pastries!

This trip has been nothing short of interesting. The best part of this trip is the cafes. Definitely the best part. We found the cutest little place yesterday. It was so cozy. We had these little sandwiches and cappuccinos. I love the coffee here; it's a totally different taste and consistency from coffee back home. However, the cups are really tiny (about half the size of a Starbucks tall - cute but tiny) and they're only half-filled when they give it to you. And it costs about $3 (American dollars). Below is a picture of me in the cute cafe.
Salzburg 015

And here's the rest of it.
Salzburg 016

Speaking of cafes -- I saw Barbara Bonney in the cafe this morning while I was having breakfast. Barbara Bonney! I couldn't believe it! She walked in and ordered something and walked out, but she was 5 feet from me! She's a professor at the Mozarteum (which is across the street from the cafe and where I'm going for school) so it makes sense, but it was SO COOL and so unexpected.

Speaking of opera -- we're going to try to get rush tickets to Cosi fan tutte at the Salzburg Festival on Monday. Miah Persson and Isabel Leonard are singing so the music is sure to be fantastic. As to the staging...we can always hope for the best. Anyway, it's really fun to see all the people walking to the festival. Some people wear the traditional Austrian clothing and some people just get dressed up. This festival is such a huge deal. When we went to get tickets yesterday, the cheapest seats were 297 Euros (aka 450-ish American dollars). If we get rush, they won't be anything near that bad. We'll see what happens...

The churches and gardens here are gorgeous. Mom and I just spend so much time walking around and seeing everything. We find something new every day.

Bis bald!!

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Bob said...

Kim & Barbara

All I see are statues & grave stones - any live local characters. What about some pictures of your school.
Now you see how precious toilet paper can be. Did you find the local CVS?
Have a good weekend in Vienna.