Friday, August 21, 2009


Salzburg 181

School is over and done. I passed! It was a really incredible experience studying with Edda Moser. She is a wonderful teacher and a fantastic singer. In my opinion, her Queen of the Night is unparalleled. She was uber-patient with us all and I've really taken a lot from the experience.

Tomorrow we have one last day to explore Salzburg. We'll go to the closing concert at night and then be up early the next morning to get on the flight home. It's been an interesting two weeks in Austria. It was an experience that I needed to have and that will help me immensely in the future. I can't wait to really absorb everything that I've learned here and apply it in my life. So much to do!

I've really been blessed -- I'm so glad that I was able to come here and do this. Mom and I have had quite an adventure --and it's not over yet! Here's to tomorrow!

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