Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sadly, This is All True

You know you're a nerd when... and your friends/family play "guess that conductor" instead of charades. look at a shampoo bottle and say, "Hey! There's a comma missing!" look at the daily Google picture and you know what it's commemorating before you scroll over it. fall asleep with textbooks in your bed and you don't notice until halfway through the next day. quote Captain Kirk in real life and your brother laughs because he knows exactly what you're referring to AND he knows the name of the episode is that the quote is from. think of every purchase in terms of how many songs on ITunes that would be. know a random date that your teacher/professor asked for but didn't expect anyone to actually know and you can't remember how/why you know it. play charades and the choices are: movie, book, tv show, play, and opera. know the Dewey Decimal number of a specific subject. talk about famous people by their first names and everyone knows who you're talking about. can answer the questions on Jeopardy that the contestants don't know. know who Petra is and what their greatest hits were. have drawn out conversations about the meaning of Time and whether it actually exists or not. don't notice that you're randomly adding phrases in foreign languages into your everyday speech. have 43 books checked out and think nothing of it. squee over a New York Philharmonic concert (and think that the first-chair cellist is cute).'re 10 years old and your role models are Nancy Drew and an android named Data (Star Trek TNG). can read three different alphabets. know the date of every Mozart opera premiere but you can't successfully drive two miles without getting lost (in your home town where you've lived for over 10 years). correct a teacher's/professor's grammatical mistakes when you copy down their notes.'re 12 years old and you want to be an astronomical geologist when you grow up. visit three different libraries in the same day and think that it's normal. use opera singers' names in the place of profanities.


Anonymous said...

I love Star Trek! Wow I do a lot of these!! Especially saying random foreign language phrases without realizing it... I laughed out loud reading this!

Tyler said...


Though it may be considered an admission of my reclusiveness, I do many of these things that you mention. Besides the "Star Trek" anecdotal relations and a few of the others, I participate in almost all of these activities, and if I am subtracted from those few in which I do not indulge myself, I am certain that I can add several unique vices or virtues, whichever they may be considered by a critical public, that would fully qualify me to be included with all of us who are known as people in this world.

One of the things you speak of that I was not expecting when I read this was the article about the band Petra. I was just sure that there were no other opera lovers who had a liking for music that would seem to be the exact opposite in genre to their choice. If I may be so bold, what era or style of Petra do you like best? I like the Greg X. Volz years (he had a tenor range of four octaves, by the way!) for their songs such as Judas' Kiss, but I also enjoy John Schlitt's rendition, and their music from the late eighties and early nineties really defines their hard rock status. "Jekyll and Hyde" was excellent in most respects except for the fact that the disc only provided us with half an hour of music. I should have also liked to hear Bob Hartman deliver us some guitar solos in the style of Rex Carroll (Whitecross) and Oz Fox (Stryper) as he did in the aforementioned epochs. If you know and like Stryper, you may be interested to learn that the band is planning a reunion/anniversary tour later this year beginning in September. Michael Sweet is another great vocalist/guitarist, and I would not want to miss that tour if it comes to town! Thanks for the list; I now know that I am not alone in the world!