Friday, July 10, 2009

A Beautiful Day in NYC

NYC with Heather July 8 2009 015

My sister Heather and I had a fun little excursion into the City. We went in to see the doctor (I'm fit as a fiddle!) but we made a whole day of it. We didn't do anything of consequence, but that was the best part of all. We just walked and shopped and hung out in Central Park. I staged an impromptu photo-shoot of my lovely teenage sister. You can find the rest of the pictures here.

NYC with Heather July 8 2009 005

I love Columbus Circle -- it is so gorgeous! I love the fountains and the statues. One of my all-time favorite statues (the young boy with his arms out as though he's about to take flight) is in that square.

NYC with Heather July 8 2009 034

This is Heather's version of The Lion King.

NYC with Heather July 8 2009 030

Here's to a great day in NYC. If only there had been an opera playing...


Tyler said...


I proffer you my gratitude for affording your readers this glimpse into the life of your younger sister. The photographs of Central Park are beautiful, and, yes, I did examine the slideshow of all of them on Flickr, courtesy of the link you provided to inquisitive readers.

Since your post involves Central Park, this begs the question of do you have tickets to the Met's SummerStage recital featuring Alek Shrader, Lisette Oropesa, and Paulo Szot on Monday, July 13th? If you do not, do you intend to to visit any of their other concerts in the various parks of the city? Let us not forget the summer "Live in HD" festival at Lincoln Center, either; that should be well worth watching.

Finally, I am pleased to hear that your physician said that you are well and that you and your sister had such a fun outing in the city on what appears to be such a magnificent, glorious day!


Erin said...

What a coincidence, I had a day in the park yesterday. It was so nice and I just wondered around with a friend. Sounds like you had a lovely day as well.