Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Real...

The paperwork came in the mail yesterday. I'm all registered for my master class with Ann Murray at the Salzburg Mozarteum. My Austrian adventure is underway.

I think I could die right now. Here I am, a baby mezzo with so much to prove, stepping out into the wide world-- braving the Atlantic and setting my feet on my homeland for the first time. It feels like a pilgrimage: visiting the birthplace and deathplace of my beloved Composer-Muse. I think I'm going to fall to pieces the second I get there.

Who would have thought this would happen? How could I have guessed that before my 21st birthday I'd be stepping into Austria? This is not how I planned things! Life has a way of going in a different direction than we planned.

But this is so much more exciting than the things I planned! Here I am, a girl who loves her home more than anywhere else in the world and I'm going into a lifestyle that is, by its very nature, transient. But it is so much fuller and rewarding! I can't believe that I've gotten this lucky. I can't believe it!

I leave August 8th. There's much to be done before that...

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Michelangelo said...

hey you! good luck!!!!! Ill be pulling for you! Lets get together before the summer rolls out!