Friday, April 17, 2009

19 Pages = Epic Fail?

Soo...As you may or may not know, I spent my entire "spring break" writing a paper on The Marriage of Figaro. It was the least painful paper I've ever had to write in my life. Heck, it was downright fun. But we'll pretend you didn't hear that.

Work, work, work...7 days and many hours of work later, I put all the pieces of my paper together. I space it correctly, etc etc's 19 pages long. It was supposed to be 5-10. WHOOPS.

Enter dilemma: should I cut it down? Did I include anything unnecessary?

Granted: I kept my outline short on purpose and severely limited what I put into the paper. I included everything she asked for and did not go overboard. What did I do wrong? Mozart, why are you so darn amazing that two measures of your music comes to two pages of writing? WHY?

So I handed it in without cutting a word. Was it the right decision? Who knows. I guess I'll find out when I get it back (aka probably next semester...haha).

And it was some good writing. I actually had original ideas (OMGOSH). It wasn't just quoting from 50 different books. It shouldn't be a boring read. *shrug*

The point of my story: writing this paper and (simultaneously) working on my Mozart honors project has made me want to start ranting on opera. I want to create thesises on different aspects of these works. For example, I'd love to go on about the relationship between the Countess and Susanna in Figaro or how seriously we should take the plot of Cosi fan tutte. I have so many opinions (what else is new?) on the music and what it means and I wonder who the heck would actually read that. Mozart is just SO deep. There is so much to talk about. Everytime I hear Figaro, or think about it, I find something new. That's crazy!

Was denkst du?

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Tyler said...


Nineteen pages on Mozart, and only one of his operas, though it is arguably his best known one, is surely enough to impress any professor through its sheer obvious depth of material. The length of your treatise should give them a first inclination as to the amount of thought you exerted on this project, and the rest of it, your chain of reasoning and your perspective of the events, is secondary. In the opinion of a diligent student, nineteen pages is enough to merit at least a C, and that low if the essay lacks cohesion, if the spelling and grammar are questionable to say the least, and if you failed to raise new questions on the subject or perhaps provided new, more plausible answers to old questions. Writing essays happens to be one of my hobbies, and I write them about anything that strikes my fancy, and they all usually come out to over nineteen pages, which is probably why there are still a few of them that are deprived of an ending at the moment. I am confident that you will receive an excellent mark for your efforts.

If I amy be so bold, I like the fact that when you use the abbreviation "OMGOSH," you also include the letters "osh" to keep sacred the name of God. I applaud your ingenuity.