Monday, February 23, 2009

You Know You're a Loser When...

I was at work, typing address labels, and I burst out giggling because someone lived on Hyacinth Lane. Why would that make me laugh? Because immediately I thought of Sophie listing all of Octavian's names in Der Rosenkavalier (that scene is so cute!). Octavian's names are: Octavian Maria Ehrenreich Bonaventura Fernand Hyacinth. I really can't believe my own brain; it never stops!

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Samantha said...

Hi, Kim!
I was thinking about your mezzo-ness earlier. (Yeah, I know...weird...and I promise I'm not like some creeper stalker person. I was just observing mezzo-ness and soprano-ness.)

Anywho, I think that's pretty sweet. I would be rubbish at pants roles...just far too'd turn into the Will & Grace version. haha!

Not many people know this, but I sang some mezzo rep my freshman year. I came to college thinking I was a mezzo. I could just hit a high C. My dear teacher Lynn knew me better than I did, though, and has unearthed the true soprano within. Now, I live above the staff. hehe!

As for my recital that you commented on yesterday...I am kind of freaking a little....everything is just coming at me a little fast. I don't know how much you read of my blog, but I spent last semester studying music in Hungary. (It was incredible! And Janos, my teacher there...brilliant man! Adjusting back to life here has been...interesting...kind of like a little rollercoaster.) My recital is in two weeks...the pre-recital jury is this Tuesday. Feeling a little rushed to do this. It at least is only a half recital, so there is not much rep on it. It'll be fine...I'm hoping! haha! Thanks for your thoughts! I'm praying, practicing, and crossing my fingers!