Sunday, January 4, 2009

NYC New Year's Eve Gala

I stumbled upon the second half of the New Year's Eve Gala today. Lorin Maazel was his usual, fun self as was Susan Graham. She is such a riot; I love watching her onstage! Her singing was outstanding (except for her missed entrance for "Auld lang syne" after which Lorin Maazel took away her champagne glass - hahah). It was so cool hearing her sing Carmen; she's never played the part, so it was a unique experience to hear her sing the famous arias from that opera. It was just too much fun: she slinked onto the stage already in character. :) And she said she couldn't pull off Carmen!

Her "interview" with Renee Fleming was definitely a highlight. It was so great to see them interact; I know that they're such close friends. It was really cool to see one interviewing the other. It was so laid-back and not an interview; that's what made it fun. There were some priceless moments. Per esempio:

[RF and SG are talking about the operas they've done together, one of which is Der Rosenkavalier]
SG: Yeah, I've been your boyfriend so many times.
RF: (laughs)
SG: It's a hard job, but somebody's gotta do it.
[later; they're talking about why SG has never sung Carmen]
SG: I just don't think I could pull it off. I was always "Sunshine Suzy." I sang all the Cherubinos and Dorabellas.
RF: I think you could do it. I've seen you in action...
SG: Okay, enough said.

Oh, mezzos. It was also interesting to hear about their lives and how they're always traveling but whenever they see each other (which isn't too often), "it's like it's been 5 minutes." The interview was just so...cute. I don't know. I was giggling and it made me want to cry from its sweetness. Molto dolce. Operachanteuse, a fellow blogger, felt the same. (P.S. Thanks for the great photo!)

Ah. I want to see it again. I missed Sesto's aria ("Deh, per questo") and that makes me very sad. I love Susan Graham's Sesto (as you can tell from my review of it here); I would have loved to hear her sing that aria again. Besides, it's pretty funny to hear Sesto in a dress anyway. :)

Speaking of dresses, Ms. Graham looked stunning in that dress. It was really gorgeous. That necklace was perfect for her. And I love her new hair-do! When I saw her in May, she had such short hair. I like the bob; it suits her.

Overall, this gala made me giddy. I want to get it on DVD really bad. I hope someone recorded it or something. *sigh* I wish I wasn't so sick for New Year's; I would have been more on the ball. Besides, my DVD recorder is broken (sadness) so I couldn't have gotten it even if I wanted to. :(

Well, I'm glad that I saw what I did. :) Happy New Year to you all!

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opera_luvr said...

I was able to catch this too, and I felt the same way as you! It really was a great way to bring in the New Year, and the interview with Renee and Suzie was sooo cute!!