Monday, January 26, 2009

New Name, Same Great Blog

Just FYI so no one freaks out; I'm changing my blog's name from Deepening to Kimozart. Deepening is more of a literary term (Madeleine L'Engle) and this is no longer a literary blog. I wanted to give it a more musical feel. Let me know what you think of the new name!

I realize that I didn't write up my review of the Met's Orfeo yet. I also have another review on the way: it's a DVD review on Zurich's 2007 Clemenza. After the opera's over, I won't have much to talk about anyway so I'll save that stuff for then.


Erin said...

Very musical name Kim. I like it and look forward to the review of Orfeo. I'm seeing it on Saturday.

Leah said...

I love the new name!! :)

JSU said...

Hi Kim,

I actually liked the old name -- thought it was about your journey to understanding the singer's art. Guess I didn't read deep enough into the archives. ;)