Friday, September 26, 2008

Meg Page

The list for Poppea isn't up yet (darn it!), but the scenes have been given out. I got a part!

I'm playing Meg Page in a scene from Verdi's Falstaff. I really like this opera! The scene that I'm in is especially fun. I haven't completely "discovered" it yet, but I love it so far. I'm really excited because it's a fairly large part and it's a fun scene. (And I don't have to do anything awkward!) It couldn't be any better. :)

I was expecting the full-opera list to be up. I wonder if she (Isabel - the director) is using these scenes rehearsals as another sort of audition. That would be good and it would make sense. She doesn't know any of us yet; she could be tentative about casting large, demanding roles to people that she doesn't know. Also, she can see our strengths and limitations. Operas are tricky to cast. I think this extra-care is a good sign (assuming that my hypothesis is correct).

So I shall languish as I await the verdict.

YEAH RIGHT. I have sooooo much music to learn. It's almost a relief not to have to worry about Poppea. I have Symphony Orchestra, String Orchestra, Chamber, Chorale, Music 20, and Opera Scenes music to learn. Oh, and voice lessons and cello lessons and this random group recital that my private voice teacher is putting on (I was reminded of this just today) that apparently I'm a part of. I don't need Poppea right now.

I'll make it. I know it! God help me (He always does!).

Until I know more,
~Mrs. Meg Page (at least for now)

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