Saturday, July 12, 2008

Met Season 08-09

I recently got my 08-09 Met season tickets in the mail. I was so happy! Here's what I have tickets for:

La Gioconda - Oct 2
Doctor Atomic - Oct 30
Thais - Jan 8
Rigoletto - Feb 12
Cavalleria/Pag - Mar 19
Das Rheingold - Apr 23

I intend to trade in the Gioconda and Cav/Pag tickets. I really want to see Elina Garanca in La Cenerentola and I'd rather see most anything instead of Cav/Pag. I'm trying to get tickets to either Faust or Giovanni or Rusalka.

I'm really excited about Doctor Atomic because I LOVE Gerald Finley. I'm not totally into modern opera, though. I hope it's good!

I can't WAIT for Thais for three reasons:
1. Renee Fleming is starring and I've never seen her live.
2. I'm meeting Leah there. :D
3. It's Massenet. I love Massenet.

Rigoletto is going to be great, too (although I think my Mom is more excited about it than I am). Das Rheingold is going to be my first live Wagnerian. :) This is going to be a really good season. This last season was sooo good. I hope this one coming up can match the 07-08 season! It's the Met; I'm expecting great things.

I recently realized that the last performance of Don Giovanni is on my birthday. I think that'd be an amazing way to spend the day. I'm contemplating this...

I'll be sure to post reviews of all the shows I see this season. :)

I hope to be a bit more active in the next few weeks. There's big stuff brewing and I won't let you miss a minute of it (whether you care or not).

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