Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Susan Graham!

I'm writing to wish one of my favorite mezzos, and role models, a very happy birthday. WQXR has joined in on the celebration: they're playing performances by Susan Graham throughout the day. I woke up to her "O del mio dolce ador" (what a way to start the day!) and I hope to hear her sing Debussy's Poemes de Baudelaire at 8:26pm tonight. I actually knew the answer to the trivia question today! It is:
Susan Graham, whose birthday is today, sang in the 2005 world premiere production of an opera based on which of the following Theodore Dreiser novels?
1. Sister Carrie
2. An American Tragedy
3. Twelve Men

It is, of course, An American Tragedy. :) The picture above is from this season's La Clemenza di Tito at the Met. Ms. Graham played a wonderful Sesto. You can read my review of that performance, and a story about meeting Ms. Graham, here.

She's truly an inspiration to us all and to mezzos everywhere. Just a few days ago, I stumbled upon this hysterical song that Ben Moore wrote for Ms. Graham. It's called "(I Can Be a) Sexy Lady," but I like to call it "the mezzo's lament." So, in celebration of Ms. Graham's birthday, please enjoy "(I Can Be a) Sexy Lady," performed by the one and only Susan Graham.

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